Trädet i Pangaea

The Swedish novel title ’Trädet i Pangaea’ can be translated ’The Tree in Pangaea’ or ’The Pangaea Tree’.

After the turbulent years in the beginning of the 21st century, with threats from terrorism and crises, the world is holding its breath waiting for a rescue.
 On Oak Street in the outskirts of the Swedish city of Jönköping, young Dalmar is lying on the ground watching ants. Few people expect his brilliant understanding of technology.
 In a time of high paced tech evolution, the world will through Dalmar see the dream of the connected human come true. The world is facing a new era. But Dalmar does also have a secret, something that needs an answer. And that answer may cause the collapse of the whole civilization.

TRÄDET I PANGAEA is an imaginative novel for adults. We meet current issues and subjects from science and technology, such as surveillance, artificial intelligence and autonomy. Where is the technology going and do we want to follow where it goes?

LUCAS LUND, born 1976. I have been an engineer for twenty years and has always been interested in science and technology. 'Trädet i Pangaea' is my debut novel,  released on Nov 6th 2018.